Quality & Sustainability


Our Responsibility to You


Consistently providing high quality, sustainably produced seafood products is a fundamental principle at Seattle Shrimp & Seafood; it's good business and our responsibility to you, consumers, and the planet. Seattle Shrimp & Seafood works proactively with each of our suppliers and partners throughout our supply chain to ensure best practices, guarantee traceability, and continually improve processes. Seattle Shrimp &

Seafood is a Global Sustainable Seafood Inititive (GSSI) Funding and Global Partner. GSSI's Global Benchmark Tool provides clarity on, and transparency in seafood certification by recognizing robust and credible certification schemes that meet or exceed the standards of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations' (FAO) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) and the FAO Ecolabeling Guidelines. This Tool creates greater choices in the market, thus resulting in affordability and flexibility in the supply chain.

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Our ongoing relationships with grocery and restaurant chains, club warehouse outlets, broad line distributors and local distributors are a testament to our success in consistently achieving our high standard for quality control. And we are actively involved in numerous industry and government initiatives striving to improve food safety, the environment, and economic and seafood sustainability around the world.